New Hobby!

I finally got to play with my Christmas present this morning. My husband bought me a heat press for Christmas and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to mess with it.


Heat press purchased from Amazon and can be found here.

My daughter in law has a vinyl business and I am in awe of some of the things she creates! This is one of the quickest and easiest projects I have ever made. First, I used the Silhouette software that came free with the vinyl cutter and typed in my favorite verse. I used the Airplanes in the Sky font which was a free download from


The software reminds you to ‘mirror image’ the design before cutting which is nice!

When the vinyl cutting was complete, I had to ‘weed’ the excess vinyl from the transfer sheet.


Silhouette Cameo was also purchased from Amazon and it can be found here.

Then I used the press for 30 seconds to press it to the shirt. Finally,  I gently removed the transfer sheet and my shirt was finished!



The process took about 10 minutes from start to finish and the majority of the time was spent weeding the vinyl. I pressed a large wrinkle onto the shirt so I’ll have to be careful to smooth the next one out before pressing. Since it’s a running tank it will be washed many times and it will go away when washed. I’m so excited to have found a fun, new hobby and I look forward to making lots of gifts!

The Busiest Time of Year!


I love Christmas, but this year has been tough! I think the reason for the difficulty is because this is the first year my husband and I are alone. We are officially empty-nesters and it’s made me a little depressed, especially during the holidays. I was a homeschool mom for 12 years so I spent a lot of time with my children and I loved every second of it. Our oldest son just celebrated his second wedding anniversary and our youngest son is attending college out of state. I usually start my Christmas decorating the day after Halloween, but this year I didn’t start until my son was due home from school. Another reason for the delay in decorating was I had an order for 4 memory quilts the week of Halloween and finished them before we went on vacation at Thanksgiving. I worked day and night to get them completed because I wanted to finish them before the holiday.

I knew when we got home from vacation I would have Christmas gifts to work on and I wanted to give the memory quilts my full attention. I don’t do a lot of sewing for money, and only for close friends and family so this was the only order I took this year. We’ve had parties and church events to attend every weekend this month plus a few on weeknights. My husband and I are runners and we just wrapped up a very busy race season to top it all off! We have run 5 races since October 28th. All of them were out of town but one so we had to travel to get to them. Needless to say I’m ready for some down time to get creative and have some fun in my sewing room!

I usually finish the majority of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday but this year I wasn’t in the mood to shop. I’m actually supposed to be shopping now but I’m taking a break and having a coffee and sweet treat to help motivate me to continue. Hopefully I’ll finish today though, and if I don’t, no one but me will know that I didn’t buy every little thing that I had on my list.


I have completed a few embroidery projects for stocking stuffers, and enjoyed every bit of time I was able to spend in my favorite room in the house. I still want to make a Santa purse for a sweet little girl that I love dearly but I’m not sure I’ll get to it before the big day…

I can’t wait to have a full day of quilting after Christmas. I already have 2 days scheduled to sew with friends next week and hope to be much more productive in the coming year!


My Bengal cat Gracie helping me with my measuring tape again!