New Hobby!

I finally got to play with my Christmas present this morning. My husband bought me a heat press for Christmas and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to mess with it.


Heat press purchased from Amazon and can be found here.

My daughter in law has a vinyl business and I am in awe of some of the things she creates! This is one of the quickest and easiest projects I have ever made. First, I used the Silhouette software that came free with the vinyl cutter and typed in my favorite verse. I used the Airplanes in the Sky font which was a free download from


The software reminds you to ‘mirror image’ the design before cutting which is nice!

When the vinyl cutting was complete, I had to ‘weed’ the excess vinyl from the transfer sheet.


Silhouette Cameo was also purchased from Amazon and it can be found here.

Then I used the press for 30 seconds to press it to the shirt. Finally,  I gently removed the transfer sheet and my shirt was finished!



The process took about 10 minutes from start to finish and the majority of the time was spent weeding the vinyl. I pressed a large wrinkle onto the shirt so I’ll have to be careful to smooth the next one out before pressing. Since it’s a running tank it will be washed many times and it will go away when washed. I’m so excited to have found a fun, new hobby and I look forward to making lots of gifts!

Finished Sweatshirt Jacket

Warning: Lots of pictures

I finished my sweatshirt jacket last night, it took me longer than it should have because I kept stopping to go outside and enjoy the snow plus I made some simple valances for my sewing room windows. We ended up with about 4” accumulation and it’s still on the ground because the temperature has barely risen above freezing. There is good news though, it is supposed to be 64 degrees on Monday (yay)! For those who are interested, there will be several pics of the snow at the end of this post. Just keep scrolling if you would like to see them, but first, here is a pic of my sewing room curtains…



I am very pleased with how the sweatshirt jacket turned out, I will enjoy wearing it to quilt shows and classes at my LQS. The pattern, by Melissa Lynne Designs, goes together quickly and easily. If I had stayed on task I could have finished it in one day. Since I had made one many years ago, I knew that I needed some embroidery patches to add to the jacket. I loaded my embroidery machine with the designs I wanted and let them stitch out while I worked on the next steps. By the time the embroidered pieces were done, I was nearly ready for them. My favorite thing about this pattern? It gave me a chance to use some of my machine’s decorative stitches! I spent more time testing the stitches than actually sewing them!


Cuff on sleeve


I decided on placement for the patches and sewed them to the jacket as well. The 2 embroidery designs were purchased from Embroidery Library. I have been saving them for something special and this was it! I created the monogram in Monogram Wizard Plus using the Intertwined Vine font.




The jacket is not lined so I used my serger to sew all of the seams back together. This is not necessary and as a matter of fact when I made this pattern previously, I didn’t own a serger. Since I have one now, it was just easier plus it cleaned up the edges.IMG_1592

Finally, I had to bind the raw edges. I made bias binding because the binding had to go around the curve of the neck opening. I rarely use bias binding and worried this step would stump me but remembered I had bought a bias ruler at a quilt show some time ago. Thank goodness I did, that little ruler was amazing! I can’t remember the name of the vendor I purchased it from but I found them online here. The ruler is even cut to trim the dog ears before sewing which was nice.



And finally, the finished jacket!




Snow day(s) pics, it’s been 30 years since we’ve had this kind of accumulation that has lasted more than a few hours…




Front yard


My dog Hunter loves the snow!


View of the driveway from the garage


This is the path that I usually run on but not today!


My favorite pic, those are my dog’s paw prints in the snow!


Sweatshirt Jacket


The weather has turned frightfully cold here on the coast of South Carolina, we actually have a 90% chance of snow today with accumulation. It’s been over 5 years since we’ve had any accumulation and even then, it was a light dusting that melted within an hour or two of sunrise. Although I much prefer warm weather, if it has to be this cold it will be nice to see a little white stuff! I thought about sitting in front of the fireplace all day snuggled up under my Granny’s quilt and catching up on some reading and writing but honestly it was just a thought… I can never sit still for long! So I put on some white chicken chili in the crock pot and headed up to my sewing room. In honor of the cold weather I decided to make a sweatshirt jacket to wear around the house. I am extremely cold natured and always wear a sweat shirt or jacket even while my family lounge around in shorts and t-shirts. I took a class on this pattern 10 years ago towards the beginning of my sewing/quilting journey and made my mom a Christmas jacket. Although I loved it, at 33 years of age it just wasn’t my style. At 43 I will definitely wear it with pride! The pattern is by Melissa Lynne Designs and I purchased it through my Local Quilt Shop where I took the class by the pattern designer. It is very simple with embroidery and quilting on an inexpensive sweatshirt. I will post pics of the finished jacket as soon as it’s done!


Inexpensive sweatshirt bought at Walmart


My first design loaded and ready to stitch!


It’s starting to snow!! View from the back window of my sewing room…


View from the front window of my sewing room!

Santa Purse by Embroidery Garden

I couldn’t sleep last night because I really wanted to make a Santa purse for my niece. She noticed a young woman with one in the mall and asked if I could make her one. I found the perfect pattern on one of my favorite embroidery sites and wanted to make it for her before Christmas. After tossing and turning last night I got out of bed around 3am and headed up to my sewing room. Luckily I had already loaded the pattern design into my embroidery machine and I had made the strap so the project went together quickly. Since it was late and I was tired I forgot to take pics of the stitch out but I took several after pics. The pattern is by Embroidery Garden and comes in 2 different sizes (I made the larger size). I used a red sequined fabric for Santa’s hat and the back of the purse and minky shaggy white fabric for his beard and hat trim. The pattern included step-by-step instructions with pictures. The purse is made in the hoop with the exception of the cross body strap. The strap needs to be made first so it is ready to be sewn in when you come to that step. The purse is lined on the inside with no visible seams. I’m going to give it to her tonight at our family dinner so she can carry it to church tomorrow!



I look forward to sharing my upcoming projects and please remember; in Jesus, we find more gifts than our hearts can imagine! Wishing you all a blessed Christmas!

The Busiest Time of Year!


I love Christmas, but this year has been tough! I think the reason for the difficulty is because this is the first year my husband and I are alone. We are officially empty-nesters and it’s made me a little depressed, especially during the holidays. I was a homeschool mom for 12 years so I spent a lot of time with my children and I loved every second of it. Our oldest son just celebrated his second wedding anniversary and our youngest son is attending college out of state. I usually start my Christmas decorating the day after Halloween, but this year I didn’t start until my son was due home from school (end of November). Another reason for the delay in decorating was I had an order for 4 memory quilts the week of Halloween and finished them before we went on vacation at Thanksgiving. I worked day and night to get them completed because I wanted to finish them before the Thanksgiving holiday.

I knew when we got home from vacation I would have Christmas gifts to work on and I wanted to give the memory quilts my full attention. Plus, I don’t like to take orders for quilts after Thanksgiving because we are so busy during the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. We’ve had parties and church events to attend every weekend this month plus a few on weeknights. My husband and I are runners and we just wrapped up a very busy race season to top it all off! We have run 5 races since October 28th. All of them were out of town but one so we had to travel to get to them. Needless to say I’m ready for some down time to get creative and have some fun in my sewing room!

I usually finish the majority of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday but couldn’t get it done this year. I’m actually supposed to be shopping now but I’m taking a break and having a ‘pick me up’ to help motivate me to continue. Hopefully I’ll finish today but if I don’t, no one but me will know that I didn’t buy every little thing that I had on my list.


I have completed a few embroidery projects for stocking stuffers, and enjoyed every bit of time I was able to spend in my favorite room in the house. I still want to make a Santa purse for my niece but I’m not sure I’ll get to it before the big day…

I can’t wait to have a full day of quilting after Christmas. My resolution for the new year is to finish every UFO in my sewing room!


Gracie the thief!

Nautical Monogrammed Pillow

I enjoyed making the Wizard of Oz pillow so much that I decided to make another pillow for a wedding gift. I used a nautical themed fabric because the newlyweds live near the beach.IMG_1192

I serged the edges so there would be no unraveling or loose threads and added a zipper on the bottom of the cover. The monogram is by Rivermill Embroidery and is called Split Carnival Appliqué Machine Embroidery Alphabet. The set comes with the full alphabet in 4 sizes and there are a total of 104 files in the set. It stitches out beautifully every time and I have used it with many different projects.


The unraveling you see at the bottom of the letter is my fault. I didn’t trim the appliqué fabric close enough which I corrected before gifting.

I purchased a 20″ down pillow insert from Amazon, they come in a pack of 2 for $29.99. The newlyweds loved it and contacted me personally after the wedding to tell me how much they appreciated it!


These pillows go together quickly and easily and can be made in a few hours including the embroidery. They make a great gift for any occasion!

FYI- I receive no compensation for clicks or purchases of designs. Links are provided for your convenience only.

Embroidered Wizard of Oz Pillow


A few months ago, I attended a baby shower for a Wizard of Oz themed nursery. We had just moved into our new house and I was busy unpacking so I needed a simple, quick gift but a gift that mom-to-be would love. I had never attempted to make a pillow cover before but decided to give it a try. I found the perfect embroidery design by forsewingoutloud on Etsy (link includes a 25% off coupon, details below). Since I didn’t have a pattern I made the front of the cover like a quilt block with sashing and borders. I bought a very fluffy, down pillow insert and I made the finished cover the same width as the pillow so it would hold its shape nicely. I had to watch videos on YouTube to learn how to install a zipper because I wanted the cover to be washable since it was going to be used in a nursery. The embroidery design combined appliqué with embroidery so I was able to use a red sparkle fabric for the shoes which was a nice touch!  The design was superior quality and very reasonably priced. It stitched out quickly and perfectly. Everyone at the shower loved it and I even got an order for another one from a shower guest!



I always receive a designer’s permission before featuring their designs on my blog. I don’t ask for, expect or want any compensation, I do it because I love their designs and want to share them with other hobbyists. Also, being a small business owner I’m a firm believer in supporting small businesses! When I asked the designer of today’s blog post for permission to feature her design, she graciously offered my readers a 25% coupon on orders from her site now until November 30, 2017! Click on the link forsewingoutloud to receive your discount automatically at checkout! I receive no compensation for clicks or purchases but will enjoy the 25% coupon myself! Thank you Trish @ forsewingoutloud!