Monthly Mini Quilts

This is an idea that is inexpensive but a little more time consuming, especially because I made 7 sets of 12 quilts at one time for Christmas gifts a few years ago. To make it a quick gift, you could start with one quilt and add to them gradually for each holiday! They were a huge hit and I still look forward to changing my little quilt each month even after using them for several years! The stands are made by Ackfeld and I bought them at my local quilt shop.


I found them a little cheaper on Amazon (although the price has gone up considerably since I bought mine) but I try to support my local quilt shop when ever I can. If you cannot find them at your LQS, they can be found here. I purchased all of the designs from Embroidery Library (with the exception of the Christmas design) when they were having a 10 for $10 sale so I only have $1 a piece invested in the designs. I had to re-size most of them but it only took a few seconds using the sizing program on my machine. I already had all of the fabrics in my stash that I used for the borders and I used odd pieces of scraps out of my scrap bin for most of the backings (this is why they do not match but luckily you can’t see the back 😉). There is no set pattern, I made most of them the same (small sashing and borders) and simply folded over the top to make the sleeve for the stand.


Scraps of muslin and polyester used for back of quilts



A new quilt for each month of the year!

***One little note, the stands come in several pieces and have to be assembled before using. They were very wobbly and flimsy and fell apart every time I changed the quilt. I bought some gorilla glue to use on them and now they are sturdy and hold together perfectly.

Design Credit: Embroidery Library

Christmas Pattern Design Credit: Melissa Lynn Designs

Just FYI: I receive no compensation for clicks to designer’s website or purchase of designs. Thanks!

T-Shirt Quilt Continued…

I’m still working on the t-shirt quilt for my son. I added the borders and got it quilted over the weekend. I added the binding this morning and now it’s time to hand sew the binding to the back which takes me forever! I am so slow with hand work, I would never have the patience to hand quilt like my grandmother did! The quilt turned out to be 102”x70” which is a good size since my son is almost 7 feet tall (6’8 to be exact and still growing). I loaded it sideways on the longarm machine because it’s much easier to work across a long row instead of starting and stopping constantly.


I’m not happy with the backing of the quilt but there is nothing I can do about it now. I went to my local quilt shop on Saturday to buy wide backing so I wouldn’t have to piece it (I’m on a very tight time schedule). I guess we had a miscommunication about yardage because when I got home and loaded the quilt on my machine I was short about 15” of backing fabric. I take full responsibility for the mistake because I have been overwhelmed with everything going on trying to get my son ready for school. My LQS is about an hour and a half round trip and it’s closed on Sundays so I went to Walmart and bought a sheet to use for the back rather than waiting and making another trip. I’ve used sheets in the past but to get the color I wanted I had to buy a (more expensive) brand that I have never used before. It has a sateen finish and the tension on my longarm really gave me problems, most likely because the sheet has a very high thread count. I finally worked through the problem using King Tut thread and loosening my thread tension and roller tension. (I have a bad habit of rolling my quilts too tight!) Tonight I have a date with a needle and thread. I’m going to put on a good movie, fix a cup of coffee and start sewing…

T-shirt Quilt

Our youngest son will be leaving for college very soon. I have offered many times to make a quilt for his dorm room bed and he has declined every time. I was okay with that even though I have been saving his t-shirts since he was 10 years old to make him a quilt. While going through his clothes to see what was needed for school, he was sad that many of his favorite shirts were too small and decided that he did want a t-shirt quilt after all! Of course that meant that I had to put everything on hold (sorry 3 fabric bargello) and get busy!



I quickly cut them up and ironed on a lightweight stabilizer.

His dorm bed is a twin XL so luckily it’s not a large quilt. I had to make a trip to my LQS because he couldn’t find anything in my stash that he liked for the sashing and borders. Before sewing on sashing, I like to arrange the squares on the floor in a pleasing order.


I don’t use a pattern for my t-shirt quilts because I like them to look very random. I cut them into different size squares and use sashing on the sides of each block to make them the size of the largest block in each row. Then I piece them vertically instead of horizontally with sashing between each block. I use color coded sticky dots to number my rows and blocks so if they get out of order, I can quickly figure out where they go. Sometimes I get lazy with this step and just take a pic with my cell phone of the layout before piecing.


After sewing, I press the seams open because they can get a little bulky with the t-shirts and stabilizer.

I got a little emotional cutting up some of his shirts because it hit me that he is leaving and we will be empty nesters in the very near future. I have been a homeschool mom for 12 years and I am excited to see the plans that God has for his future but sad that he is leaving. He will be attending college out of state and will be about 5 1/2 hours away from home.


Below is a pic of my progress so far. I still have to sew on the final borders, quilt and bind it. We leave in one week to take him to school and I also have to get him packed and organized during the week as well. I will update with a pic when finished…




Mistakes in Quilting– Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star

There is nothing more frustrating than to realize you have made a huge mistake when working with a pattern for the first time (or any time!). I usually catch it early enough to correct the mistake but this was not the case when making the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Quilt. I had heard from several people that it was an easy quilt to make but it looked impressive and complicated. I bought the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler, pattern and pulled fabrics from my stash and was ready to get started. I had a dear friend help me with the first couple of blocks and I was impressed with how simple it was.

When it came time to sew my blocks together, I must have turned the first one the wrong way. Not realizing it, I put the whole queen sized quilt together with the blocks turned incorrectly. I added the borders, quilted it and even completed the binding before realizing it!


Example of a correct block


Incorrect block (my quilt)

One day while visiting one of my online quilting forums someone posted a pic of her Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star quilt in the same colors. In my mind they looked identical but when I posted a pic of my quilt to show her I realized my mistake. Unfortunately it was too late to correct it.


I was so disheartened I wouldn’t even use it in my spare bedroom. My mom came over for a visit and fell in love with it so I gave it to her. She didn’t see a mistake but simply a quilt she thought was beautiful and colorful. Looking at the above picture I can appreciate it a little more but I haven’t made another quilt with this pattern because I was very discouraged. The ruler made it easy so I will eventually make another one but I will use a design wall and make sure my blocks are turned correctly next time. I’ve made lots of mistakes in my quilting  journey but this was the worst one.

Current Project: 3 Fabric Bargello

The quilt I’m currently working on is a 3 fabric bargello. I have to be honest, this quilt has been very confusing and I couldn’t have done it without taking a class. It would’ve helped if I had made a 2 fabric bargello first but I skipped that one and jumped right in with both feet!


It’s been a few weeks since the class ended and unfortunately I have been too busy to work on it until today. There are no published instructions, just add-on notes to the 2 fabric pattern that you receive when you sign up for the class. The instructor did a terrific job explaining it though and I love how it’s turning out so hopefully it will be worth all of the confusion in the end.






























To get the interesting color combination, the pattern calls for an ombré fabric for the background. These fabrics usually run dark to light to dark again across the width of the fabric.


There are also two insert fabrics that need to contrast slightly with the ombré  fabric.


Auditioning my fabrics before getting started

I only have 8 strips sewn together and there are a total of 39. It is a slow process because you have to be very precise with the math, seam allowance, measurements and cutting. It’s also very important to keep the strips numbered until they are sewn together. I was going to use this as a throw on my couch but because of the time involved it may turn out to be a wall hanging instead!



The strips behind the 3 fabric Bargello are from a 16 fabric Bargello I am also working on. I find the 3 fabric quilt top much harder than the 16 fabric one.


The basting stitch is used as a guide and will be taken out later.


These are the strips that I still have to line up and sew together. I will update with a pic when it is completed!

Memory Quilts

I love making memory quilts (quilts from clothing of deceased loved ones). I usually spend my time praying and reflecting on the life of the lost loved one while sewing. We recently lost my husband’s step father and it has devastated my mother-in-law. They were married for 39 years so I can’t imagine the loss she is feeling right now. I made a memory quilt out of my father in law’s shirts and I’m going to give it to her for her birthday.


When making memory quilts I don’t like to use any fabric on the top except the loved ones clothing if possible. I think this is important to me because that was the request of the first one I ever made. My friend asked me to simply cut squares out of her mom’s shirts and sew them together. I like to keep them simple so the clothing is the main focus, not the design or the quilting. There have been several exceptions to this, one time I embroidered each square of a quilt with Winnie the Pooh characters to match an article of clothing for a child’s memory quilt. Sometimes people only have one or two articles of clothing so I have to add other fabric but I always make sure they choose it. If they want a pattern I try to lead them to a pattern with large blocks to get the most out of the clothing being used. I’ve also had requests to print pictures of loved ones onto fabric and add them into the quilt which I love to do. Although I enjoy making flashy, fun and whimsical quilts I also love the simplicity of a memory quilt!





Quilts 009 (478x640)