Log Cabin Quilt

I haven’t been very active on my blog lately because we have had a glorious spring here on the southeast coast and I have been spending my extra time outside (running, fishing, yard work, ect.). This is my favorite time of year but soon it will be very hot so I’m taking advantage of it while I can. I have done a little quilting so I wanted to share an update post on my latest project…

I enjoy making traditional quilts but I have never made a log cabin quilt before. I purchased the Creative Grids Log Cabin ruler from my LQS and it takes all of the guess work out of the design. There are written instructions with the ruler (so no need to purchase a separate pattern) and there are also some great videos on Youtube to guide in using the ruler. 

Instructions are on the inside of the packaging so be sure to save it!

You simply cut the center squares and then cut your strips at 1 3/4”. If the strips aren’t cut perfectly straight its okay because each round is trimmed using the ruler. I’m making mine ‘scrappy’ using batik fabrics in the barn raising design. 

temp 4
Strips cut and separated into darks and lights

This quilt goes together quickly because you can chain piece the logs. I’ve set a goal to make 16 blocks every time I sit at my sewing machine because the sewing is a little monotonous. You sew one round and then square it up with the ruler, doing it three times. This creates a perfect block!

Squaring up the final round of logs

As I complete the blocks I’m putting them on the design wall to arrange in a pleasing order. I wish I had done the center squares in dark red but it’s too late now!

temp 2

I’m using the 8” finished block but there is also a ruler that combines 6” and 12” finished blocks. If you can’t find them at your LQS, they can be purchased on Amazon. I’m making a king size quilt in masculine colors for my husband who never complains about all of the ‘girly’ quilts that grace our bed!

I want to give a heart felt thanks to Melva @ Melva Loves Scraps for the beautiful blog post she did on me in memory of my Great Grandmother, Daisy Page! She is doing a series on Quilters Through the Generations and it makes me so happy that my precious grandmother will be remembered for her beautiful quilts! Please be sure to check out Melva’s blog and read about other generational quilters!

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