Introducing the Babylock Regalia Longarm Machine

Well, I did it again… I bought the first longarm machine that I looked at! In my defense I did shop around, but I had a list of requirements and the Babylock Regalia filled them all. My requirements in no particular order were:

  1. Computerized
  2. 18” throat space or larger
  3. Vertical and horizontal channel lock
  4. M- sized bobbin
  5. Adjustable table height because I am tall (5’9 in case you are wondering)
  6. 12 foot frame
  7. Can be used with a ruler foot and ruler table
This is the floor model I originally looked at.

The Regalia has a lot of bells and whistles on top of my listed requirements. The lighting is terrific with an LED light bar the length of the 20” throat space, plus a needle light and (gasp) a bobbin light!

temp 2
Large light bar
temp 4
Bobbin light

 It also has a bobbin sensor with alarm to warn when the bobbin gets low plus a thread break sensor and alarm. There is a needle laser (beam) which allows the needle to be put exactly where needed.


 The handle bars are independently adjustable which is perfect ruler or micro work. They have programmable buttons plus fingertip start/stop and needle up/down buttons. 

The machine sits on a Kinetic Frame which is a 5 rail system. It is adjustable up to 44” tall so it is high enough for me to work without getting a back ache from bending.  The 5th rail is batting storage so I finally have a place to store my king sized batting rolls instead of on the floor.

temp 3

My favorite part is the computer, it comes with a large Acer tablet and Pro Stitcher Premium software. Pro-stitcher has over 900 pre-installed designs so I have been having fun stitching some of them out. The software is user friendly but I am thankful for YouTube videos to help with the learning curve.


I may be MIA while learning the new program in the next few weeks but I look forward to sharing future projects!

First quilt on new machine…Ruler work combined with free motion and computerized quilting.

6 thoughts on “Introducing the Babylock Regalia Longarm Machine

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    WOWEE! This looks fabulous! I hope you share lots of details about you and your new machine as I am fascinated. Is this a replacement machine for you or your first? Being adjustable to a comfortable height sounds like just the ticket. I cannot wait to hear more about how things go. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Hi Roseanne, thanks for the comment! It is a replacement for my old machine which was stitch regulated but not computerized. The adjustable height was very important because my back would hurt terribly after a day of quilting on my first machine which was low for me. I look forward to sharing more about the Regalia in the future as I learn what it can do lol!😉

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  2. It’s beautiful! Congrats that you were able to find a machine that met all your requirements and then some 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about your quilting adventures together. What machine did you have before this?

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    1. Thanks so much Tish! I had a Homesteader 22” longarm previously. I bought it new at a quilt show several years ago. It was actually a stretched Singer with a stitch regulator but it was a terrific starter machine. It sold within days of listing it which is good because I didn’t have the space for 2 large machines lol! I look forward to sharing my journey with this new machine!😄


    1. Thanks so much Beth! I honestly can’t say enough about ProStitcher. It is awesome and there are terrific tutorials online to fill in the gap. So far I have zero complaints which is amazing lol! As I get more comfortable with it I’ll be doing more posts about it in the future. Thanks again, lmk if you add it!


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