Oliso Iron

You know you are a quilter when you get excited about a new iron! My first year quilting my sweet dad bought me an Oliso iron for Christmas. There was one in the classroom at my local quilt shop for students to use during classes and as a new quilter I thought the auto lift feature was really cool. Thirteen years and hundreds of quilts later my poor iron finally gave out. It was a sad day when I turned it on and it wouldn’t heat up.


Luckily I had an inexpensive Black and Decker that I bought as a travel iron. I decided to use it until I could do some research and figure out what kind of iron to purchase next. I was really leaning towards a Rowenta Perfect Steam iron which is what my LQS now uses and sells. I had a birthday coming up so I decided to wait and ask my husband for one then. I changed my mind pretty quickly after scorching several pieces of fabric and my ironing board cover with the Black and Decker. Having used the Oliso with auto lift for so many years I couldn’t break the habit of leaving the iron face plate down. Once, I actually left the Black and Decker down and went outside to walk the dog only to remember and go running back in to stand it up.

My little Black and Decker travel iron

My husband loves it when I make shopping easy for him and was happy for me to pick out my gift and order it myself (win, win). Since my LQS no longer carries Oliso, I had to order online. I found the model I wanted on Amazon that also came with an ironing board cover. The new iron is 1800 watts verses my old one which was 1000 watts. It gets very hot and has met all of my expectations. I’m in love all over again even though I have one complaint. The iron leaks water when on high steam mode. My old iron did the exact the same thing. It can be prevented by turning the steam lever down one notch (there are 4 levels of steam) but you would think that the company would have addressed this problem after 13 years. Since I rarely use full steam it’s not a problem for me. I typically use the steam on low-medium and use a topical spray of Best Press and distilled water in a spray bottle. I’m looking forward to a long and productive relationship with my new iron!

New ironing board cover
I get great steam with the new iron even when turned to low!


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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I have this exact same iron and ironing board cover! I have had an issue with the front foot catching on my fabrics when pressing so I have to be careful about how I swipe the iron. Does your foot fully retract? Just curious – I can imagine how hard it would be to go back to an old iron now. It was difficult to get used to not standing up the iron, don’t you think? ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Yeah, in the beginning I stood it up all of the time lol. I knew I was a convert when I was helping a friend with a quilt and I kept leaving her iron face down on the ironing board! My foot does fully retract but I did have an issue with my old iron being slow to retract if I didn’t clean it regularly. I realized it was because I use spray starch and excess starch will make them sticky and slow to rise. It would be worth calling the company, my mom had one that quit working after 18 months and Oliso sent her a new one free of charge! Good luck!😄

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