Wasted Space Reinvented

There is a little hallway/balcony that overlooks our entrance foyer on the second floor of our home. I have to walk by it everyday as I enter my sewing room and it was a very un-inspiring space. I hung my tapestry quilt and put a quilt rack there but it still looked very bland to me. Being a sewing machine addict, my vintage collection was out growing my sewing room so I decided to designate the space to display some of my vintage machines and quilts made by my great grandmother. My parents gave me 2 beautiful hand made ladders for Christmas to display quilts and I put one in the hallway to hold 4 (very old) quilts that grandma made.

My great-grandmother machine pieced her quilts and hand quilted them.

I added a cabinet that I use to store sewing supplies and put 3 of my antique machines on it. The first one is a Singer machine removed from it’s treadle base.


It is unique because has a shuttle instead of a bobbin.


I purchased it at a yard sale for $40 with the cabinet but I took it out because I’m using the base for another project (future blog post). The machine is in very good condition and has a beautiful stitch. It was manufactured sometime between 1911-1912 according to the date etched on the machine.


The second machine is a 1955 Singer model 99. I also found it at a yard sale and paid $25 for it. The decals are in mint condition and it was made in Great Britain. The cord is in really bad shape so I haven’t been able to sew on it yet.


The final machine is on a bottom shelf turned sideways so its not very obvious. It is a Wizard Citation, a brand that I was unfamiliar with.

Close up of the Wizard Citation machine easily sewing through 4 layers of fabric.

It originally belonged to a kind lady whom I’ve know my entire life. We went to church with her for many years, and she was also our church secretary. She is now in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and her daughter sold it to me for $30. It’s not normally the type or age of machine I collect but I wanted it since it belonged to someone who was special to me. This machine is a work horse, I have used it to sew through several layers of suede without any problems.



I added a couple of books and vintage Singer accessories and I now love my previously unappealing space. Not only does it provide inspiration every time I walk by, I also think about my precious great grandmother and know that she would be happy that her quilts are still being loved and appreciated!

I put the second ladder my parents gave me in the den to display some of the quilts I have made!

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