Side Clamps for Longarm Quilting

I get excited when I find something great for a good price! I have been searching for the perfect side clamps for my longarm without having to spend a small fortune. After trying out every kind imaginable, I decided to order the Red Edge clamps from Nancy’s Notions. I wasn’t happy about spending over $50 on simple, plastic clamps though. I searched Amazon to see if I could find them cheaper and came across some interesting chip clips that I decided to give a try first.  They are called OXO Good Grips and cost $5.99 for 2 clips. I have tried chip clips in the past but these were different because they have rubber strips on the inside to help keep them from slipping.


My machine has a 22″ throat space so I ordered 2 clips for each side. Each clip is 6″ wide so I space them out accordingly. Since 4 of these clips were about 1/4  of the cost of the Red Edge clamps ($11.98 plus free Prime shipping) I figured if they didn’t work I could use them in the kitchen. Clamps I have used previously have either been too hard to open, or they slip off of the quilt edges because they don’t close tight enough. These open very easily but don’t slip due to the rubber grips!


I attached them to the velcro straps on the machine temporarily to be sure they would work but today I am going to sew them on permanently. I’m happy my search is finally over!


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