Finished Sweatshirt Jacket

Warning: Lots of pictures

I finished my sweatshirt jacket last night, it took me longer than it should have because I kept stopping to go outside and enjoy the snow plus I made some simple valances for my sewing room windows. We ended up with about 4” accumulation and it’s still on the ground because the temperature has barely risen above freezing. There is good news though, it is supposed to be 64 degrees on Monday (yay)! For those who are interested, there will be several pics of the snow at the end of this post. Just keep scrolling if you would like to see them, but first, here is a pic of my sewing room curtains…



I am very pleased with how the sweatshirt jacket turned out, I will enjoy wearing it to quilt shows and classes at my LQS. The pattern, by Melissa Lynne Designs, goes together quickly and easily. If I had stayed on task I could have finished it in one day. Since I had made one many years ago, I knew that I needed some embroidery patches to add to the jacket. I loaded my embroidery machine with the designs I wanted and let them stitch out while I worked on the next steps. By the time the embroidered pieces were done, I was nearly ready for them. My favorite thing about this pattern? It gave me a chance to use some of my machine’s decorative stitches! I spent more time testing the stitches than actually sewing them!

Cuff on sleeve


I decided on placement for the patches and sewed them to the jacket as well. The 2 embroidery designs were purchased from Embroidery Library. I have been saving them for something special and this was it! I created the monogram in Monogram Wizard Plus using the Intertwined Vine font.




The jacket is not lined so I used my serger to sew all of the seams back together. This is not necessary and as a matter of fact when I made this pattern previously, I didn’t own a serger. Since I have one now, it was just easier plus it cleaned up the edges.IMG_1592

Finally, I had to bind the raw edges. I made bias binding because the binding had to go around the curve of the neck opening. I rarely use bias binding and worried this step would stump me but remembered I had bought a bias ruler at a quilt show some time ago. Thank goodness I did, that little ruler was amazing! I can’t remember the name of the vendor I purchased it from but I found them online here. The ruler is even cut to trim the dog ears before sewing which was nice.



And finally, the finished jacket!




Snow day(s) pics, it’s been 30 years since we’ve had this kind of accumulation that has lasted more than a few hours…



Front yard
My dog Hunter loves the snow!
View of the driveway from the garage
This is the path that I usually run on but not today!
My favorite pic, those are my dog’s paw prints in the snow!


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