Sweatshirt Jacket


The weather has turned frightfully cold here on the coast of South Carolina, we actually have a 90% chance of snow today with accumulation. It’s been over 5 years since we’ve had any accumulation and even then, it was a light dusting that melted within an hour or two of sunrise. Although I much prefer warm weather, if it has to be this cold it will be nice to see a little white stuff! I thought about sitting in front of the fireplace all day snuggled up under my Granny’s quilt and catching up on some reading and writing but honestly it was just a thought… I can never sit still for long! So I put on some white chicken chili in the crock pot and headed up to my sewing room. In honor of the cold weather I decided to make a sweatshirt jacket to wear around the house. I am extremely cold natured and always wear a sweat shirt or jacket even while my family lounge around in shorts and t-shirts. I took a class on this pattern 10 years ago towards the beginning of my sewing/quilting journey and made my mom a Christmas jacket. Although I loved it, at 33 years of age it just wasn’t my style. At 43 I will definitely wear it with pride! The pattern is by Melissa Lynne Designs and I purchased it through my Local Quilt Shop where I took the class by the pattern designer. It is very simple with embroidery and quilting on an inexpensive sweatshirt. I will post pics of the finished jacket as soon as it’s done!

Inexpensive sweatshirt bought at Walmart
My first design loaded and ready to stitch!
It’s starting to snow!! View from the back window of my sewing room…
View from the front window of my sewing room!

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