Santa Purse by Embroidery Garden

I couldn’t sleep last night because I really wanted to make a Santa purse for my niece. She noticed a young woman with one in the mall and asked if I could make her one. I found the perfect pattern on one of my favorite embroidery sites and wanted to make it for her before Christmas. After tossing and turning last night I got out of bed around 3am and headed up to my sewing room. Luckily I had already loaded the pattern design into my embroidery machine and I had made the strap so the project went together quickly. Since it was late and I was tired I forgot to take pics of the stitch out but I took several after pics. The pattern is by Embroidery Garden and comes in 2 different sizes (I made the larger size). I used a red sequined fabric for Santa’s hat and the back of the purse and minky shaggy white fabric for his beard and hat trim. The pattern included step-by-step instructions with pictures. The purse is made in the hoop with the exception of the cross body strap. The strap needs to be made first so it is ready to be sewn in when you come to that step. The purse is lined on the inside with no visible seams. I’m going to give it to her tonight at our family dinner so she can carry it to church tomorrow!



I look forward to sharing my upcoming projects and please remember; in Jesus, we find more gifts than our hearts can imagine! Wishing you all a blessed Christmas!

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