Mistakes in Quilting– Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star

There is nothing more frustrating than to realize you have made a huge mistake when working with a pattern for the first time (or any time!). I usually catch it early enough to correct the mistake but this was not the case when making the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Quilt. I had heard from several people that it was an easy quilt to make but it looked impressive and complicated. I bought the Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler, pattern and pulled fabrics from my stash and was ready to get started. I had a dear friend help me with the first couple of blocks and I was impressed with how simple it was.

When it came time to sew my blocks together, I must have turned the first one the wrong way. Not realizing it, I put the whole queen sized quilt together with the blocks turned incorrectly. I added the borders, quilted it and even completed the binding before realizing it!

Example of a correct block
Incorrect block (my quilt)

One day while visiting one of my online quilting forums someone posted a pic of her Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star quilt in the same colors. In my mind they looked identical but when I posted a pic of my quilt to show her I realized my mistake. Unfortunately it was too late to correct it.


I was so disheartened I wouldn’t even use it in my spare bedroom. My mom came over for a visit and fell in love with it so I gave it to her. She didn’t see a mistake but simply a quilt she thought was beautiful and colorful. Looking at the above picture I can appreciate it a little more but I haven’t made another quilt with this pattern because I was very discouraged. The ruler made it easy so I will eventually make another one but I will use a design wall and make sure my blocks are turned correctly next time. I’ve made lots of mistakes in my quilting  journey but this was the worst one.

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