Current Project: 3 Fabric Bargello

The quilt I’m currently working on is a 3 fabric bargello. I have to be honest, this quilt has been very confusing and I couldn’t have done it without taking a class. It would’ve helped if I had made a 2 fabric bargello first but I skipped that one and jumped right in with both feet!


It’s been a few weeks since the class ended and unfortunately I have been too busy to work on it until today. There are no published instructions, just add-on notes to the 2 fabric pattern that you receive when you sign up for the class. The instructor did a terrific job explaining it though and I love how it’s turning out so hopefully it will be worth all of the confusion in the end.






























To get the interesting color combination, the pattern calls for an ombré fabric for the background. These fabrics usually run dark to light to dark again across the width of the fabric.


There are also two insert fabrics that need to contrast slightly with the ombré  fabric.

Auditioning my fabrics before getting started

I only have 8 strips sewn together and there are a total of 39. It is a slow process because you have to be very precise with the math, seam allowance, measurements and cutting. It’s also very important to keep the strips numbered until they are sewn together. I was going to use this as a throw on my couch but because of the time involved it may turn out to be a wall hanging instead!


The strips behind the 3 fabric Bargello are from a 16 fabric Bargello I am also working on. I find the 3 fabric quilt top much harder than the 16 fabric one.
The basting stitch is used as a guide and will be taken out later.
These are the strips that I still have to line up and sew together. I will update with a pic when it is completed!

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