Roses for Mary Quilt

I have made several embroidered quilts but the first one I made was the Roses for Mary pattern by Jenny Haskins. At the time, I had just bought a new sewing machine with an embroidery module and couldn’t wait to get started.IMG_1385

I signed up for classes with high expectations of getting this quilt on my bed in the near future… boy was I mistaken! The process was very slow, I had to multi-hoop the designs repeatedly and change the thread thousands of times on my single needle machine. It took me over 6 months working on it several hours each day to complete the embroidery. When the embroidery was complete, I used bright batiks that matched the thread for the sashing and borders. For the quilting I decided to echo quilt around the embroidery designs which took about a week to finish.

I finally got it on my bed and I was in love! I purposely walked into my room several times that first day just to look at it. One of those times my dog followed me in and jumped on my bed (something he’s allowed to do). I didn’t realize he had gone outside and gotten his paws dirty. He left a huge, muddy paw print on the edge of the white fabric where he jumped up. I immediately pulled the quilt off of the bed and tried to spot clean it. I have used everything and there is still a small stain on it. I put the quilt away because I didn’t want to chance something like that happening again. A few months later, I decided to try it again on my bed. I bought a baby gate to keep the dog out of my room (there were several other beds he could lay on) and was excited to see it again! Every time I walked into my room I noticed my cat sleeping on the bed (I’m sure you see where this is going…) I thought he looked sweet so I didn’t shoo him off. Later that night, my husband came into the den to inform me that there was cat vomit on our bed. It left a pale yellow stain that also didn’t come out. So, back in the closet it went where it remained for 7 years. I hadn’t seen or thought about this quilt in quite some time and I came across it while packing recently to move.

Quilts 008

Quilts 007

My sewing room in the new house has a bare wall that my long arm machine sits on. I decided hang it on the wall behind the machine. The quilt is so long that I had to hang it sideways but at least I can enjoy it now without the fear of my animals doing any more damage to it.



Maybe one day when our animals have passed (hopefully not for a long, long time), I will try it on my bed again. For now I will just enjoy it on the wall!

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