Peter Rabbit Cross Stitch Quilt

I was recently asked to finish a cross stitched quilt top and I have to share it because it is so beautiful! The cross stitch blocks were started over 30 years ago when the maker was pregnant with her daughter. After working on it for several years, she put it away but never forgot about it. This past Christmas, after having back surgery, she decided to finish the blocks and have it made into a quilt for her grandson.


I was very nervous because I have never quilted anything this special before. I cleaned my long arm machine very well and practiced quilting on counted cross stitch fabric to be sure the tension and settings on my machine were correct. I also experimented with a few different threads until I found one that I liked (OESD). I used a low loft 100% cotton batting by Quilter’s Dream and did a free-motion, edge to edge meander leaving the cross stitch designs untouched.


I cut the binding strips 2 1/4” and hand sewed them to the back of the quilt. I also added a large sleeve because this is going to be a wall hanging.


For the finishing touch, a monogram was added with the baby’s initials in the bottom right corner. I used the Serif motif in Monogram Wizard Plus and used satin fill stitches because it complimented the cross stitch design very nicely.


My husband and I decorated our first child’s nursery in Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit 22 years ago. It was done with a Peter Rabbit border and baby blue striped wallpaper. This quilt would have been gorgeous hanging over his crib! Maybe I’ll make one for my first grandchild but the blocks will have to be embroidered with the designs instead of cross stitched because I would never have the patience to finish this!

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  1. Green Apple Press! But now longer in print. I did this 30 years ago and have my book I will be doing this for my granddaughter named after Beatrix Potter!

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    1. I sure wish I had the patience for cross stitching, I’m glad you have the pattern so it can be created again! I love that your granddaughter is named after Beatrix Potter, that is precious! ❤️ I’ve been a fan since I was a young girl, and decorated my first child’s nursery in a Peter Rabbit motif. It was so cute! Good luck with your quilt, I would love to see pictures when it’s done.


  2. Stephanie, How big were the squares of cross stitch before you quilted them? I am trying to figure out how big I should make them. I am using 11 count fabric. Love your quilting job!


    1. Hi Mary, thanks for the sweet comment! I honestly can’t remember how large her squares were because this was a client quilt and I quilted it over a year ago. I will say they were very large though, at least 12×12”. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


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