1952 Singer Featherweight 221— A timeless sewing machine

 My first blog post deserves to be about my favorite sewing machine, the Singer Featherweight 221.  This is my favorite machine for a number of reasons but the most important one is that this is the machine that my great grandmother, Daisy Page, used for piecing her quilt tops and for making us clothes. I have wonderful memories of visiting her in Greenville S.C several times a year when I was young. During every visit the one constant was her sewing machine. She was always piecing a quilt or sewing a clothes pattern while we sat around the kitchen table eating her delicious homemade biscuits and talking. The only place I ever remember Grandma asking my mom to take her was the Piece Goods Shop. (A fabric store chain that is no longer in business but where my love of fabric began!) I was only 12 years old when she passed away but her love of quilting and sewing always inspired me. I began quilting 13 years ago and I’ve wanted a Featherweight 221 since the beginning. I don’t know why I waited so long to buy one but several weeks ago my husband and I found this little gem at an estate auction.


Several people were bidding against me but I was determined to win. The machine had only one owner who had recently passed away and it hadn’t been used in many, many years. After a good cleaning and some oil and grease it runs perfectly! I love everything about it; the small even stitches, the weight of the machine, how quiet it is when sewing plus I think it is beautiful! After watching some YouTube videos I restored the storage case as well and carried it to a quilting class at my LQS last week. At 65 years young, this machine will give me enjoyment for many years to come!


At the same auction, my husband encouraged me to bid on an antique sewing box. That is not something I usually collect but decided to bid. Thank goodness I did, all of the original attachments to the Featherweight were at the bottom of the box. I got the box and contents for $15. It was a good lesson, when buying at yard sales or estate sales, always look in the sewing box for attachments if they are not with the machine! Also, it’s a really cool box, it opens into large, multilevel trays and was full of old sewing supplies. I will be sharing all of my machines in future posts but this one will always have a special place in my heart!


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